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Have you ever done a Time Management Assessment?

It will help you discover the aspects of your life that you are managing well… 

...and those that could do with a bit of TLC.

I've developed this one to help you analyse and decide exactly what it is you want to improve.

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"What is a 'Personal Time Management Assessment'?"

Built around a number of statements in several categories that relate to your time (and life) management, you'll rank yourself for each category (the full instructions are on it).

You'll soon work out what you’re doing well and what to work on.

“What gets measured gets managed” is a great fit for this.

Once you know where the most pressing issues lie you can focus your attention on tackling these first.

Here's a screenshot of part of it:

Screenshot of part of the Time Management Assessment

Screenshot of part of the Time Management Assessment


"How will I receive the assessment?"

Further down this page you can download and print two versions of it (PDF format).

"I haven't got a printer. Can I still do this?"

Yes. You can view it on your screen and get the results with pen and paper.

Alternatively, I can provide you with access to an online version of the assessment.

Contact me and I will make sure you get it.

"Who are you?"

I'm Tim Wilson, the guy behind this site. Find out more here.

"Is your site secure?"

Yes. You can verify this by checking your address bar.

There will be a padlock icon and the word 'secure'. The address will start with 'https' (note the 's' on the end) if the page is secure:

You can download from Time Management Success safely and securely.

"What do I do once I've done the assessment?"

If you want to want to learn how to process your work and free up more time, explore Get Your Work Done, the e-book that accompanies the assessment.

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