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This site will help you manage your time and life better.

Most pages focus on developing personal time management skills to help you do more of what matters (hence the slogan).

Whether you want to manage time better at work or at home, or to strike a better balance between the two, this site can help you.

For me, time is the most precious commodity we have. Let's work together to help you improve the way you manage yours.

If you like what you read, stick around and see what you can learn...

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The bulk my articles and downloadable resources are free to read (but not to copy without permission). You can read and apply each one independently.  

I use the term 'apply' because that is the key: action speaks louder than words. 

Anyway, click on one of the topics above, skip down to the latest pages below, or head to this quick start article.


Tim Wilson

Latest Pages

  1. 7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management Skills Starting Today

    May 10, 18 08:13 AM

    Want to improve your time management skills? What this is really about is improving your ability to decide what to do and then to do those things. Let’s boil it down to what will have the most impact…

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  2. Exams in One Month!

    Apr 17, 18 06:27 PM

    My first term exam is fast approaching, but I feel lazy on a daily basis. I cannot even concentrate on one particular subject! Can you help, please?

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  3. How I Manage My Time

    Mar 03, 18 02:34 AM

    I try to get as much work related to teaching and the classroom done at school. I either go in early or stay at work after my working hours. My biggest

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  4. Time Management for Nurses - 3 'P's To Practice

    Apr 28, 15 04:20 AM

    Better time management for nurses. Whether you are practicing or training apply these three principles to help you manage your time and your life.

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  5. Better Time Management For Kids - Help Them, Help Yourself

    Apr 22, 15 03:28 PM

    Better time management for kids is possible, no matter what age they are. Fun, school and chores soon become work, choices and responsibilities...

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