There's Too Much To Do!

by a stressed student

My workload is unmanageable. I know some of it is my fault because I left it until the last minute, but now I won't get all my assignments in on time.

What can I do? Help!

* * *


There's no point crying over spilt milk. What's done is done. Or, should I say, what's undone is undone?:)

You haven't given too many details in terms of workload/timescales, but I'd suggest you do the following:

Sit down and plan out what needs to be done and by when. Set a timer for a block of time you feel you can work for (30-60 minutes), then make a start on whatever is most pressing.

The antidote to feeling overwhelmed is to take bite-sized chunks of action. See how to avoid procrastination by time boxing for more.

Take regular timed breaks, preferably with some form of mild exercise such as a short walk to clear you mind, then come back to it. Also, keep yourself fully hydrated, and eat something healthy in between work blocks.

As far as possible, focus on finishing one project at a time. This is far more efficient than trying to run multiple projects side by side (which is essentially multitasking) because your don't have to change your train of thought so frequently.

When you are actually working, think 80-20. Do what matters most. Don't get sucked into reading and researching too much. Put pen to paper/fingers to keys and get on with it. Refine it after you have produced your first draft.

Of course, if you can get deadline extensions, do so. But you really want to be developing good study habits.

Best wishes,


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