What Works For Me

by Polly Redmond

Being a teacher means I work long hours in an intense job, so time management is important.

Here are some time management tips that I find work well for me:

  1. I always leave my work laptop at work.

  2. I don't do any work on Friday evenings or Saturdays.

  3. I aim to do jobs as they come in, not just before they have to go out!

  4. Prioritize not only according to deadlines, but for the amount of work I estimate will be required to meet them.

  5. If I don't understand what is being asked of me I find out straight away. It may not be appropriate for me to do that work in which case doing it would be a waste of my time.

  6. If the work request isn't clear to me I make sure it is made so as soon as possible. I only start the task when I know exactly what I have to do. That way I only focus on what matters.

  7. Put reminders in my diary of deadlines - for example, one week before.

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