Tips from a Preschool/Kindergarten Montessori Teacher

(Colorado, USA)

My suggestions would be to keep a routine, ie. use each day's planning period for specific, routine tasks that are reocurring, if not daily, then weekly.

Set a time to be home by in the evening -- many things can be taken home to be worked on while watching TV or after the children go to sleep. When you are home at an earlier hour, dinner can be enjoyed with the whole family and more time spent at home.

Make a "To Do" list for each day so that you feel accomplished by the end of the day once you see all that has been crossed off the list.

And last, just ask yourself if what you are spending time on is a necessary task for your job and if the kids require that you do the task in order to progress their learning. If not, throw it out the window, or else save it for a summer project.

Now, all I have to do is take my own advice and maybe I won't burn out before my first 10 years are in!

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