I Waste All My Time On The Computer!

by Alexis M.
(Wilmington, NC)

When I get home I fully intend to study but then I get on my computer and end up getting completely off topic. How can I get study time in?

* * *

Yours is a common issue, Alexis. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that virtually everyone does it.

The only question is, to what extent?

The key to managing wasted time online is to allow yourself to do so. It’s unrealistic to expect otherwise.

Having said that, do so within the context of self imposed limits. Use a timer such as online-stopwatch to remind you that you've been surfing the net for so long.

On the other side of the coin, I'd guess that the thought of doing some real work in the form of studying sometimes causes your brain to find any and every possible reason not to do what matters.

Why? Because real work hurts. Messing about aimlessly online is infinitely preferable to the thought of producing something that requires time, thought and sacrifice.

The good news? You can overcome this by setting yourself realistic daily study goals.

For instance, rather than saying "I've got to do two hours tonight", replace it with a length of time that doesn't feel quite so daunting.

It's better to commit to thirty minutes and to do it than aim to work for two hours and do nothing.

More often than not, you’ll find that, once you’ve overcome the initial resistance you felt towards studying, the momentum of actually doing it will carry you past thirty minutes (or whatever works for you).

Take home lessons?

Wasting time online is perfectly fine, providing you put a limit in place for it and reduce the internal resistance you feel to starting what matters most.

Best wishes,


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