I Keep Putting Things Off And Trying To Do It At The Last Minute

by Biacna Taylor
(COLUMBIA, SC, North America )

How do I keep everything in line with work and get all my work in on time?

Every time I turn around, something is always coming up! I have no time for myself to do what I want to do.

Everything I do is late!

* * *

Biacna, this is all about control - getting on top of your work so it doesn't overwhelm you.

The trick is to do work as it comes in, not just before (or even after) it's due in.

Try this: (You'll need a page a day diary)

  1. When you get given work, write it under the following day's date. (Ex. You get it Monday, so you commit to starting it on Tuesday.)
  2. The following day (Tuesday), start it. Do as much as you feel you can, but DO something. When you've had enough, write down the same project under the next day's date (Wednesday).
  3. The next day, do the same. Repeat until complete.

Doing something daily is a sure fire way to successfully start and finish all your projects. I've used this method myself every day for several years because it works. Try it!

Best wishes,


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