How I Use Notecards to Learn

by Drew Lewis
(Hendersonville, TN, United States)

I study best by making notecards or detailed notes and reading them out loud to myself over and over. By both reading and hearing the information, I tend to remember everything that I study.

I then try and explain the information to those that may not understand the material to assure myself that I understand the material fully and can explain everything that I have learned.

- We're not really in time management territory here, but Drew's tips are a great way to cement and retain knowledge. The part where he explains the material to other people is a particularly effective technique. As a teacher myself, I've found that sharing knowledge with others is the best way to learn something yourself.

Doing this depends, of course, on the amount of motivation you have, not to mention the willingness of other people to listen to you. :)

One final point:- it's interesting to note that there is no technology involved in Drew's learning process - just a notebook, pen and someone to talk to.

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