Effective Study Habits

by several savvy students!

How I Study Best

I study best in the early morning hours. This is the time that my thought process is at its best. If it's reading, first I scan the highlights and topics to get a feel for the material.

Next I read the assigned chapters thoroughly without markings, then I read it again with markings, the last step in this process is to re-read for a third time and I may write down main points in a paragraph as I go along.

This is my ideal study habit, however when time doesn't permit, I shorten the process and use the first and last steps in the above process.

I admit, I am easily distracted so it is a must for me to work in a quiet environment. If I study with a group, I can participate, but as I learned in the Learning style exercise, my preference is to study in a quiet room with minimal distractions.

Rocelyn - TN

Soothing Music and Better Viewing

One of the ways in which I study is to have soothing music like soundscapes -- music with nature embedded. Another thing that helps me is to connect my computer to my television, using my screen as my monitor.

This way, I am not tempted to watch tv, and I can see my work clearer. :o)

Kristy - TN

The Power of Coffee

As the article said, "the vast majority of what we do is habitual", and pulling up to the desk with the numerous list of to-dos goes hand in hand with a hot cup of coffee to study and get finish what needs to be done.

I also heard that drinking coffee can actually extend your life...who knows, it's working right now!

Jake - IL

Quick Trick for Studying

Distractions abound, especially when the need to study comes into play. As a lifelong learner, one strategy that I have used to stay focused when studying is to create typed Word documents from any handwritten notes or any passages I have highlighted in my textbooks or from lectures.

This keeps my mind on track as I move through all of my notes with some semblance of order. It also allows me the opportunity to "study" the information while I'm typing.

Cam - TN

Best Time of Day

I work better in the morning. I am planning to balance my studies with my office responsibilities. I am able to shut the door to my office when I need to.

Solitude is important if I am reading. I can get distracted in an auditory manner rather easily. Sometimes I even use books on CD or in Itunes format to help me study better.

Bruce - FL

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