Developing Effective Study Habits

This one could be the best you ever form

Do you practice effective study habits? Do you actually get on with your work when you want to?

If you keep putting it off because you can’t face it, get distracted or have a haphazard approach to your work, this one habit could make all the difference.

It's simple...

Whenever you get given work, do it tomorrow.

Whatever task, project or assignment you’re given, start working on it the day after you get it.

Don’t worry about how much time you spend on it (unless you’ve got a really short deadline).Just make sure you actually do something daily.

The important thing is to get started on it and keep working on it, until it’s done.

*  *  *

For example, imagine it's a Monday, and you're given an assignment with a deadline three weeks later...

  • Monday. Do nothing on it.
  • Tuesday. Start working on it.
  • Wednesday. Continue it.

… then, keep working at it every day you can until you finish it.

How Does This Work?

Creating a buffer between receiving work and doing means you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • Thinking time. Starting it the day after you’re given it gives you some breathing space. You know when you will start, giving you a day to mentally prepare yourself to get on with your work.
  • Less need for willpower. All you need to do is start each day. Stop after an hour if you want. Or 30 minutes, even five if you feel like it. Doing it daily is the habit that means you can work for as long as you want to.
  • Greater satisfaction. Getting things done is a great feeling. Finishing is obviously the ultimate destination, but simply doing brings a degree of satisfaction. The knowledge that you’ve made progress towards completion is its own reward.
  • Less last minute stress. Unlike many of your peers, you avoid, or at least massively reduce, the amount you have to do the day before it’s due.

Tempted to start the day you get it?

Before you do, think about what won’t get done today if you do. If you’ve got nothing else to do, go for it. But ‘Do It Tomorrow’ is as habitual as you make it.

Developing good study habits is worth doing, but one of the most effective study habits to begin with?

Whenever you get given work...

Do It Tomorrow!

Struggling for Motivation?

This can help...

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