Use a Desk Drawer Organizer to Save Time

Whether you’re working at your desk, or need something from it, a quality organizer means you can quickly get hold of those small office essentials you use on a daily basis.

The type you use depends on the desk you have, the size of the drawer itself, and its ability to organize and store the types of things you use most frequently.

If you want an organized workspace and a clear and clean desk to enjoy working at, there are a number of important factors that you need to consider and a few simple actions you needs to do.

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How to choose a desk drawer organizer

  • Measure the space available in the draw you want it to go. You may want one that fits in to the whole of the drawer, or one that leaves some spare space to put other bits and pieces -- be careful though, because that spare space can soon turn into a dumping ground.
  • Think about what you want to store in it. Do you have a plethora of pens, post-it notes, paperclips and elastic bands? Where do you keep scissors or stamps? What do you need to be able to get you hands on the most, and what items actually need to be contained to stop them spreading out everywhere?
  • Go to a stationary supplies store if you can. Take a tape measure with you so you can be sure that what you want will fit. Choose one that that is easy on the eye and will be sturdy enough to cope with day to day use. Either make the purchases there and then or, if you wait, go home and buy it online.

Get it, fill it, use it

Once you’ve chosen one, got it and you’re ready to fill it, schedule some time to fill it. This may seem a bit over the top but, trust me, it will take you twice as long as you think!

Empty your drawer(s) so you can see everything that was previously hidden in them, then trash or recycle everything you don’t need.

Fill it as you see fit, close the drawer, then go and treat yourself to a coffee. :)

Where to use a desk drawer organizer

“In the draw of a desk” is the obvious answer.

But have you considered buying one for the kitchen?

This room tends to be the nerve centre for most houses and, inevitably, one or more kitchen drawers ends up with an increasing amount of bits and pieces being shoved in.

A desk organizer will make a big difference to how you feel about using those draws. You’ll know where things go and they’ll be more likely to be returned.

What if the desk doesn’t have a drawer?

Computer desk manufacturers focus on the set up of PCs and printers, but frequently give little thought to stationary storage.

If this applies to your desk, but you have a hanging file drawer, you could try a hanging drawer organizer instead.

* * *

Choosing and using a desk drawer organizer will help prevent a messy desk and save you hours of time that would otherwise have been wasted looking for things that should be so easily accessible.

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