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I’m Tim Wilson, the creator and author of this site.  I’m certainly no guru - just an ordinary guy who happens to have an interest in managing time better (well, it's more of an obsession really).

Tim Wilson

Time is something we all have to manage. The thing is, I’m constantly thinking about it - a bit weird, I know, but we’ve all got our funny ways...

Anyway, I’ve turned my thoughts, ideas and philosophies into a few pages (more than a few, actually).  Hopefully, some will float your boat and make sense for you in your life.

Why should you delve into the pages on this site?

Well, you certainly don’t have to! There are plenty of other great time management websites and blogs out there. This one’s both of those - evergreen principles, updated and added to on a regular basis.

Most pages focus on developing personal time management skills to help you do more of what matters (hence the slogan). 

So, whether you want to manage time better at work or at home, or to strike a better balance between the two, this site can help you.

For me, time is the most precious commodity we have. Let's work together to help you improve the way you manage yours.

If you like what you read, stick around and see what you can learn...

"Where should I start?”

Anywhere! All my articles and downloadable resources are free to read (but not to copy without permission).  You can read and apply each one independently.  

I use the term 'apply' because that is the key: action speaks louder than words. 

Anyway, click on one of the topics above, or start with this article.


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This site is not a faceless site run by a faceless corporation.  It's an ongoing one man operation.

I work on it every day and I value genuine questions, comments and feedback. If you've got those, feel free to contact me or connect with me on twitter.