The Secret Behind My Procrastination

by Ghaith

I think that most of people, including me, tend to procrastinate simply because we don't love the task that we want to do or that we are supposed to do.

Really, don't you think that this is the main reason why we tend to procrastinate?

My answer to this question is that we cannot do anything effectively if we aren't interested in it.

This is my opinion - what do you think?

* * *

This is a good point, and, on one level, I’d agree that it is true.

Why do we put things off? Because we find some reason(s) to resist doing them.

But dig a little deeper and something interesting crops up...

Why do we put things off? Because we find some reason(s) to resist doing them at this moment

As I sit here writing, I’m procrastinating. :-)

I’ve got a shelf to put up. I want to do it and I think it’s worth the time effort involved. But, at this moment, I’d rather be writing this.

So, should I wait until I feel like putting the shelf up?

Yes and no.

The shelf will never be put up until I take the required actions to do it. But I’ll never take those actions if I rely on reactive ‘here and now’ feelings. After all, there a plenty of other ways I’d rather spend my time.

On the other hand, the rational part of me knows there will be long term benefits from this short term pain.

So how do I overcome this?

I’ll “sell “ the shelf project to myself.

There are countless ways to do this - after all, it’s nothing more than marketing - but the most effective way to overcome procrastination, in fact, the only effective way, is to “fool” the reactive part of the brain by reducing the resistance.

Make the project you’re procrastinating on either appear more attractive or less threatening, or even both.

There are many causes of proctrastination, and they all make sense. But they can all be overcome.

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