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Site Build It!

Creating this e-business has to be one of my proudest achievements.

It has created life-changing opportunities and rewards for my family and me in a way that I could never have imagined.

This page is about why I love it, how I did it, and how you can do it, too.

Of course, anyone can create a website or blog these days.

But to build a successful e-business that actually generates revenue?

Well, that’s a different story altogether...

I used Solo Build It! to do all the behind the scenes stuff.

I won’t pretend it’s been a breeze. Creating anything worthwhile takes time and effort. But it has been worthwhile, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What's So Great About Owning an E-Business?

Here are three reasons that really appeal:

1. You're your own boss

Throughout my working life I’ve exchanged time for money, putting in the hours and getting paid x amount. So many friends and acquaintances, from carpenters to counsellors, have followed the same pattern.

Some of them are doing well. But they work long hours, or can’t afford to take a break because of the lost earnings.

This website now earns me money around the clock. Not enough for me to quit my day job (yet). But enough to make a significant contribution to my household income.

I work on it whenever I feel like doing so for as long as I want to. The “commute” usually takes me from the kettle in the kitchen to my armchair!

Being your own boss is a wonderful feeling.

2. You get to “publish your brain”

As I’ve already mentioned, creating an e-business is hard work, but it is also truly fulfilling.

Sharing your knowledge, experience and passion in your own unique way... well, you have to do it to know how good it feels, particularly when you see more and more people benefiting from what you know and share.

When you get feedback, in the form of earnings from the site or positive comments from readers, you know it’s all worth it.

You don’t need to be a super talented writer - that’s not the way of the web. What you do need is motivation, perseverance, and the right support.

What do YOU know about? What do you love?

The rest of of the web wants to know about it and reward you for it!

There are other websites in your niche?  So what?!

People want YOUR unique take on it!

3. The potential for earnings is unlimited

Once you’ve got the traffic, you can make money in so many ways. Ads, services, e-books, sponsors, affiliates... you’re only limited by your time and imagination.

I’ve worked on this site for an average of 90 minutes a day since starting it in September 2009. Once I’d got enough traffic, SBI! showed me how to monetize it.

My income is steadily growing, day after day, whether I work on the site or not.

It grows faster when I do, but it still grows when I don’t. Even if I stopped working on it now, it would continue to generate passive income.

How I Did It...

Back in 2007 I published some articles on a free blog hosting platform. I cared about the content, but not too much about the delivery, partly because I had no idea how it all worked. What I didn’t appreciate was just how vital that bit is!

I was proud of my articles; but no one was reading them...

A few months later, I was introduced to Site Build It!

It looked interesting from the start, but it took me several months before I took the plunge and purchased (which was an unfounded fear because of their 90 day money back guarantee).

I ordered it and skimmed through the SBI! Action Guide.

My first site failed.

Why? Because I didn’t follow the Guide. I chose a niche that was just too big (teaching).

The Action Guide steers you towards something that is big enough to earn money, but small enough to “win” at the search engines.

Despite having the advice, support and the tools at my disposal, I was doggedly trying to win something that would take far more time and effort than I was prepared to put in.

Then it dawned on me...

Many of my articles were about time management. Could that be the niche for me? Did it have enough relevant “keywords”? Did I care about it?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

I’d had my taste of failure, but now I knew I had my niche, and I had SBI!

I haven’t looked back...

What is SBI!?

It's kind of like web hosting, only much more...

It's sort of like getting an MBA because it teaches you how to build a successful e-business, except that while you're learning you're actually building your business.

Solo Build It! is an e-business building system with all the software and tools you need plus the Action Guide (in video and written format) with step-by-step instructions of exactly what to do when.

It also has a success-focused community in the "help-and-be-helped" Solo Build It! forums, top notch Support and the Solo Build It! Team constantly updating the tools and information so you only have to keep up to date with your business, not Internet Marketing.

For an essential overview check out this Solo Build It! Quick Tour.

So what is Solo Build It!'s biggest advantage, the single benefit that separates Solo Build It! from EVERYTHING else?

In the words of Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell...

Success. Solo Build It! delivers online business success...

  1. It delivers it at an unmatched RATE of success.
  2. It does it at unmatched LEVELS, too. People reach their financial goals, however modest or ambitious they may be.
  3. It does it all at a price that no other product, or combination of products, can match.

And it delivers all this to people who tend to be "everyday, non-techy-type" people. They start with Solo Build It! and soon they are building sites that outperform those of people who have been studying Net marketing for years.

You may think, “Well he would say that - it's his company!”

But Ken Evoy has built a successful and ethical company that people genuinely care about because he does. His Solo Build It! forum posts alone, numbering in the thousands, are testimony to that.

* * * * * * * *

Understandably, when it comes to making money online, many people are, quite rightly, wary of scams. There are many myths about Solo Build It!.

ALL of them can be de-bunked.

It has been said that everyone has a book inside them waiting to be written. Well, in the age of the internet, I'd say that everyone has a website in them, one that, with the right tools and know-how and attitude, can generate a significant income.

If you'll supply the attitude, Solo Build It! will deliver the rest - everything you need to create your website, drive traffic to it and generate income.

You can build a successful e-business.

What are you waiting for?

Got questions? Speak to a real person about SBI!