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Time Management Information

Managing our time is something we all have to do, but the latest time management information can be hard to find in your local newspaper, or even online.

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This page features the major stories from Google News pulled together from news sources around the world.

These news articles have been put into three categories --

  1. Time management
  2. Procrastination
  3. Work Life Balance

Click on the relevant link for the latest time management news and views, then do the same for the other two.


Of course, this is the latest information from around the world. But many issues come and go depending on the environmental factors surrounding them at the time.

The technology and tools we use to manage time are set against the challenges they themselves present.  Wasting time online is a classic example.

Managing time itself (as well as the other related issues such as procrastination and managing work life balance) is much less transitory, and far more about applying evergreen principles -- ideas, techniques and strategies that don’t depend on the latest digital device, but a heightened awareness of the value of your time.

Properly applied, those principles can help you manage your time and tasks far more effectively and efficiently.

The bottom line here?

Learning how to manage time and applying that learning on a day to day basis really will make a significant positive difference to every area of your life.    

Use the rest of this site to help you know what matters and then to actually do it.  Once you do, you'll find that you achieve those things that matter rather than just doing stuff that doesn't.

Start here.


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